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This past Thursday, Refined Bridal Boutique was on Talk of Alabama. We spent some time chatting with Nicole Allshouse about the inspiration behind Refined, what brides can expect when they come in, the sizes we carry in store, and more!

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What is the inspiration behind Refined? In the bridal fashion industry, there is definitely a lack of size inclusivity. The standard sample size in bridal stores is a size 10, which equals a size 6 or 8 in street clothing, or sizing as we know it. With 67% of women in America are a size 16 or above, we’re definitely lacking when it comes to wedding dresses. And we just felt that brides should not compromise when it comes to such a special dress. So we are looking to change that – we’re looking to bring those dresses to these brides.

What can brides expect when they come in? We are all about celebration and love to celebrate our brides. We want, first and foremost, for them to feel comfortable. Our goal and our mission is to help them feel confident and beautiful. So we just make sure that they’re choosing a dress, not just because it works or because it’s what they think they should wear, but because it truly makes her feel her most confident and most beautiful.

What sizes do you carry? We carry samples in store that fit size 12-32. We carry all different silhouettes and necklines, so every bride who comes in has a variety of dresses that they’re able to try on and see what works best for them. 

How do brides make an appointment? They can go to our website through our contact page. Just fill out the information and we will confirm with an email or a phone call! 


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December 21, 2019

Refined Bridal Boutique on Talk of Alabama

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