Trying on wedding dresses isn’t something you do every day, and we know it can come with some uncertainty and nervousness. We have some incredible tips on finding your bridal confidence as you shop for one of the most magical dresses you’ll ever wear.

The most important thing to remember:

EVERY bride (regardless of size) is nervous about trying on wedding gowns. In theory, this is something you only do once, so you aren’t sure what to expect. Add in the worry you have about if stores carry your size or if you’ll find anything you love, and we know the process can be full of uncertainty.

Our experience here at Refined is designed to make sure you are celebrated and feel comfortable, confident, beautiful every step of the way. But we do have a few tips to share prior to your appointment.

Your Bridal Stylist is here to LISTEN. They’ll hear what you’re worried about and what you love about yourself and want to show off. Your Stylist’s goal is to help you find a dress that flatters and highlights all the areas you love and minimize the areas you don’t. She has your back, so be sure to be honest with her about how you’re feeling.

Know that your Stylist has likely been doing this for a long time and nothing will surprise her. She’s here to help you feel your best and we promise all your nerves will fade away after you try on that first dress or two.

Let your dress reflect your personality. Don’t surrender to a curvy-girl stereotype and only try on dresses that you think you’re supposed to wear. Love your curves? Try on that fit-and-flare! Love the way a strapless dress looks? Try it on! You don’t love sleeves or a ballgown? Don’t try them on. It’s YOUR day, YOUR dress, and YOUR body. You do you, and you’re going to be your most confident and beautiful!

The biggest thing we want you to know:

You deserve an incredible experience and don’t need to change or be anything other than who you are! You don’t need to wait to lose 20 lbs before you try on dresses. Your body and YOU are good enough as it is, right now. Finding your bridal confidence begins by owning and embracing those beautiful curves, sister!

We’re ready to celebrate you! Make your appointment at Refined today, and let’s pop the champs!

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February 5, 2020

Finding Your Bridal Confidence

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